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Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance rats.Rodents are among the most significant of all pests on the earth. There has been more suffering and food supply contamination from rats and mice than any other rodent population. Their ability to reproduce year-round in our area makes them difficult to control. Their ability to adapt to human environments makes it very easy for them to gain access to our homes and workplaces. They have the ability to climb, crawl, and gnaw through a wide variety of materials.

Their climbing skills allow them to climb any textured vertical surface such as wood, brick, concrete, and a variety of metals. They can crawl horizontally along pipes, wires, and conduit. Branches, wires, or ropes make easy access to any dwelling.

The classification of “rodent” means they are a warm-blooded animal with fur, mammary glands to feed the offspring and large incisor teeth that grow continually. These teeth allow them to gnaw through a wide variety of materials including concrete, wood, aluminum sheeting, and rubber.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance ratsRats and mice reproduce year-round, especially in areas abundant with food and water. Females reach sexual maturity at 8-12 weeks old. They are able to breed every 4-5 days and can mate within 2 days of giving birth. Each litter averages between 5 and 8 pups. They are born naked with their eyes closed. After two weeks they are able to see, and are weaned another two weeks later. Litter size, number of pups, and survivability all depend on the availability of food and water.

Using rodenticides are not always the safest way to solve large infestations of rodents, due to the fact that the pest can feed off of the chemicals and die in your walls or ceiling. The potential to come in contact with a dead rodent is highly likely, and these rodents are often carriers of disease.

Our trained technicians prefer to trap the animals. The use of snap traps can be very effective in large rodent populations. With proper setting and maintenance by our technicians, you will soon see a decrease in pest infestation.

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