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Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance opossums.Florida's only marsupial is the Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana). Opossums are about the size of a house cat, have long naked tails and small ears. Opossums occur throughout the state in virtually all habitats. If threatened they may go limp and appear dead, hence "playing possum". Opossums are common in residential and suburban areas, and are most active at night.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance opossums.Opossums are attracted to virtually any type of available food, including garbage, pet food, or cultivated fruits and vegetables. To prevent attraction of opossums garbage cans should be secured with rubber straps, and pet food should be taken in at night.

These animals also often find there way into structures thru opening or by chewing on woody structures. Thus they become on inhabitant in or under man-made Structures.

The best Method for removing these animals is thru live trapping. So call a licensed, permitted trapper to trap, remove & relocate the nuisance animal. Once the Animal is removed, an exclusion should be done to prevent future entry.

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