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Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance moles.The eastern mole occurs throughout Florida. The most notable aspect of the mole is its large, powerful front feet, designed for pushing soil out of its way. The fur is very soft and differs from that of most mammals because it does not project toward the tail. With their fur pointing up, moles can move forward or backward within their tunnels without rubbing their fur the wrong way and trapping soil in their coats. The coat is so fine and dense that it keeps out water and dirt. The fur is slate gray with a velvety sheen. The characteristic mole ridges that lie just below the surface are foraging tunnels. These tunnels are created as the mole searches for the earthworms and insects on which it feeds.

Moles are beneficial because they eat worms, larvae, and slugs. In loose soil, moles can tunnel up to 18ft per hour. Their living space is in tunnels and chambers 6-12in below the surface. Soil from these deep burrows is pushed to the surface in small mounds. Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance moles.

The damage caused by moles is almost entirely cosmetic. Although moles are often falsely accused of eating the roots of grass and other plants, they actually feed on the insects causing the damage. The tunneling of moles may cause some physical damage to the root systems of ornamental or garden plants and may kill grass by drying out the roots, but this damage is usually minor.

Moles can be removed by humane live trapping by a Nuisance Wildlife Professional.

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