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Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance ducks.The most common domestic duck species in Florida is the Muscovy duck. Wild Muscovy ducks are glossy black with white wing patches. The bare skin around the base of the bill and eyes often is red. The domesticated Muscovy is much heavier and occurs in a variety of color patterns. Large numbers of domestic ducks can be found in Florida. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and local governments have introduced these birds into many canals and small lakes in urban areas.

Many people consider unconfined domestic ducks a nuisance. Some breeds can be aggressive toward pets and children, deposit droppings where they are not desired, and cause damage to lawns and gardens by their feeding and nesting activities. Further, nuisance ducks lay many eggs, and uncontrolled duck populations can increase dramatically in a short time. Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of nuisance ducks.In small, urban ponds, high bird densities contribute to reduced water quality that lessens the aesthetic value and presents a potential public health hazard. Each adult duck produces about 1/3lb of manure each day. Domestic ducks also can transmit diseases to wild waterfowl. All confirmed outbreaks of duck plague in wild ducks have been linked to domestic ducks. Fowl cholera, paratyphoid, avian tuberculosis, and chlamydiosis are other serious diseases that can be transmitted between domestic and wild ducks.

Some domestic ducks breed with wild species--which dilutes the natural genes in native wild populations. Resulting hybrids and the altered gene pool are undesirable for the conservation of wild populations. To nest, they normally dig shallow nest depressions in landscaped shrub and flower areas, causing unsightly damage.

Duck control consists of capturing and using repellants.

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