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Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of your bat problems.There are 18 different kinds of bats in Florida. Bats fly at night, and use echolocation (Bat Radar) to avoid objects and find food. Bats provide a very useful function by eating up to 500 insects an hour. Bats are often colonial and may move into abandoned or seldom used buildings. Excluding bats from their roost sites with a one-way valve is an effective solution. Exclusion is inadvisable between April and August because flightless young bats may be trapped inside and die. People can help protect bats by avoiding maternity caves or caves where bats are hibernating. Never shoot, poison, or otherwise harm bats. Bats are very delicate creatures and are easily harmed if handled.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal can take care of your bat problems.Bats are so effective at controlling insects that some people attempt to attract bats with bat houses. Although bats are beneficial, they can be a nuisance if they are roosting in your home. The first step in removing bats is to determine where they are entering and exiting the building. Since bats usually leave their roost shortly after sunset, you should watch the outside of your house from 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after. Bats may enter and exit through an unscreened attic vent, a chimney, and cracks or openings along eaves, windowsills, and siding.

Although there are repellents on the market, they are generally ineffective and offer only a temporary solution. Poisons are not recommended as they pose a serious health hazard to humans, pets, and wildlife. Therefore you should call a licensed professional to do a complete exclusion process.

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